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On the performance of screw metering pump

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Corey metering pump manufacturers tell you the performance of the screw pump:

1, the screw pump can be self-priming, and has a very high self-priming ability.

2, the screw pump has no pulsating, continuous and steady supply of liquid, and there is no stirring medium and emulsifying medium.

3. The screw pump is stable in pressure, constant in flow, small in vibration and low in noise.

4, screw pump seal is reliable, no leakage, long life. The working principle of the screw pump screw pump is a positive displacement pump, screw pump in the spiral groove of cycloid meshing, the screw and the screw hole wall to accommodate to form a sealed cavity connected to each other, with the continuous screw rotation, this one seal cavity along the axial direction without rotating continuously and smoothly forward push, push the ability to send media to realize pump.

Structural characteristics of screw pump

1, the pump core in the pump body can be dismantled and replaced to facilitate the maintenance and maintenance of the pump manufacturer.

2, the direction of the import and export of the pump can be adjusted to facilitate the design and installation.

3, the pump has horizontal, vertical and support structures to meet the needs of different conditions.

4. According to the conveyed medium, the heating or cooling structure can be used on the pump.

5, the bearing and mechanical seal of the pump can be adapted to various kinds of medium and various temperature requirements by different configuration.


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