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Characteristics of corrosion resistant self priming pump in Huaian

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The characteristic of corrosion resistant pump is that the pump has advanced and reasonable structure, strong corrosion resistance, tight and reliable sealing performance and stable work. Low noise and long service life. The transmission medium temperature is -85 C ~200 C, flow rate: 1.75-200m3/h lift: 4.5-87m speed 1450-2900r/min

Characteristics of corrosion resistant self priming pump

1. unique shaft seal design - the inner assembly adopts Teflon Bellow Seal self cooling design.

2. self suction design - the self suction is especially strong self suction up to 6m, and the manufacturer of metering pump has the design of check valve to prevent the flow of liquid in the pump.

3. strong acid resistance, strong alkali resistance, strong corrosion resistance, the material is CFRPP, FRPP, CPVC, PVDF (Tie Fulong).

4. to install valve, to prevent foreign body aspiration, manufacturer of dosing device exports need to install a check valve to prevent backflow phenomenon in the instantaneous shutdown, cause the pump body and the pump is damaged, damaged idling.


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