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The product uses Huaian kerei pump micro magnetic pump

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Chemical industry: sodium carbonate (the production of hydrochloric acid, hypofluorous acid, two chemicals), fluoride, chemical fertilizer production and circulation of reaction liquid in gas absorption tower, oil refining (sulfuric acid), waste acid recovery and recycling system, metering pump manufacturers between chemical plants and vehicles conveying strong acid type

Pharmaceutical industry: the production of light-emitting chemicals (EL), pesticides, pharmaceuticals, and water treatment chemicals used in semiconductors.

Electroplating industry: circulate and filter all kinds of electroplating liquid.

The photo industry: now camera system, X- light, black and white, color, three-dimensional photo finishing.

Electrical appliances industry: production of electrolyte capacitors (corrosion of aluminum films), electrolytes in the manufacturing process of dry batteries and batteries. The etch of the circuit board, the high purity chemical liquid is conveyed in the process of semiconductor production.

Metal industry: aluminum oxide membrane treatment equipment, wire drawing, oil and acid pickling in steel rolling: oil and pickling before vehicle painting, titanium oxide and rare earth element production.

Mining: metal smelting (transportation and circulating electrolyte), washing treatment of waste liquid.

The food industry: the production of gluconic acid (hydrochloric acid), manufacturers of edible oil refining dosing device (sulfuric acid), canned fruit (hydrochloric acid).

Medical treatment: artificial kidney, heart and lung, ultrasonic cleaning machine and all kinds of medical equipment.

Water treatment: cleaning ion exchange resin, pure water production equipment, seawater desalination equipment.


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