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Note Huaian kerei concrete mixer

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1, concrete mixer should be set in the flat position, with a wooden block front and rear wheels, put the tires overhead, in order to avoid walking when starting.

2, the concrete mixer should carry out the two level leakage protection. After the power supply is turned on before work, it must be carefully checked, and can be used by the empty car. The speed of mixing drum should be checked in trial operation. Generally speaking, the speed of empty wagon is slightly faster than that of 2~3 after loading (after loading). If there is a large difference, the ratio of moving wheel to driving wheel should be adjusted.

3, the rotating direction of the drum should be in accordance with the direction of the arrow, if not, the motor wiring should be corrected.

4, check whether the transmission clutch and brake are flexible and reliable, whether the wire rope of the metering pump manufacturer is damaged, whether the rail pulley is good, whether there are obstacles or not, and the lubrication of all parts.

5. After opening the machine, we often pay attention to the normal operation of the parts of the concrete mixer. Stop, always check the concrete mixer blade is bent, has knocked out or loose screws.

6, when the concrete is finished or is expected to stop for more than 1h, except for the remaining material, it will be poured into the barrel with stones and clear water. The machine will start to rotate and wash the mortar that is glued to the barrel, and then it will be discharged. There must be no water in the barrel of the manufacturer, so as to avoid the rusting of the barrel and the blade. At the same time, the ash should be cleaned out of the mixing cylinder to keep the machine clean and perfect.

7, after work and when the shutdown is not used, should be pulled off power, and lock the switch box, in order to ensure safety.


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