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What is the difference between the metering pump and the peristaltic pump, Corey tells you?

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Peristaltic pump hose pump, also known as the peristaltic pump is a new type of industrial pumps, it is a product of modern industrial development, is widely used in pharmaceutical, food and chemical industries, the purity of transport some with sensitive, viscous and corrosive, has a grinding effect, high requirement, and medium containing a certain granular materials.

As a volumetric pump, the flow rate of a hose is generally in the range of 0.15-40m3/h. Its flow rate and speed is a linear constant relationship, that is, the output speed of the drive device is a definite value. Because the pump in the structure and material constraints, the pump speed is too high is not easy, the pressure is not easy too large, generally in the 2-4bar (special design can reach 15bar). Therefore, it is particularly important to configure different types of hose pumps according to different process requirements.

The characteristics of the peristaltic pump:

The conveying medium is not contacted with the pump body, which is conducive to transport some strong corrosive media to metals, such as various acids, alkali solutions, or some chloride solutions containing chloride ions.

Cleaning and dismantling is simple and quick. Because the medium only flows in the hose, cleaning is only for the hose, and the installation and disassembly of the peristaltic pump is relatively simple. As long as the motor is moved, the installation and disassembly operation can be completed, and the speed and flow rate can be controlled. The motor used for peristaltic pump is not high after the decelerator decelerated, the general maximum speed is no more than 165 rpm, and the motor speed can be controlled by manual speed regulation and frequency conversion, so as to control flow better.

Because when the roller is working, it has a low speed from the tangential extrusion hose, so it has its unique advantages in conveying some sensitive and breakable media.

The metering pump can measure the machinery of the liquid, also called the quantitative pump and the proportional pump.

It is usually described as: metering pump is a kind of special volume pump that can meet all kinds of strict process needs, flow can be stepless adjustment in the range of 0-100%, used to transport liquid (especially corrosive liquids).


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