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Huaian Kerui tell your application of automatic dosing device

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The automatic device for acid-base automatic dosing is designed and manufactured by our company according to the latest international standards and national standards. The new integrated equipment of machine, electricity and instrument is mainly based on metering pump. It is mainly applied to power plants, petroleum, chemical industry and circulating water. According to the complexity of media and transmission system and diversity, with Duogenai corrosion materials and functional configuration of metering pump manufacturers in order to meet the present condition of the scene. The product has the characteristics of good operation stability, high automation program and easy maintenance.

The pH automatic dosing device can be applied to a variety of water treatment chemicals (e.g., coagulant, corrosion inhibitor, bactericide, pH etc.) automatic dosing and dosing method according to the system conditions: timing feeding, according to the current flow signal than adding or other signals (such as electrical conductivity, pH value etc.) automatic dosing control, equipment configuration can also adjust the user requirements.

The volume selection of the acid base automatic dosing device can be divided into four series: 100L, 200L, 500L and 1000L.

Equipment type: single tank, double tank, three cans, four cans in four forms, the number of mixer is equipped according to the system requirements.

Adding methods: single pump, double pump and three pump, three kinds of structural forms. The control mode of the manufacturer is matched according to the user's requirements.

Control mode: integrated dosing device and acid and alkali automatic dosing device.


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