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The big environmental problem, will push the pump industry to take off!

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The inclement of the domestic environment has forced the state to seek ways to solve and slow down the problem. The pump industry has played a great role in it. Many companies have transformed from traditional manufacturing to a new technology enterprise with high creativity and high technology.

Environmental protection water treatment industry a huge space, there are a lot of opportunities, the strength of manufacturers is expected to: "13th Five-Year" talent shows itself during the growth prospects of the industry wastewater treatment is still good, the space of up to one hundred billion. Thanks to the rapid progress of PPP mode, there are many opportunities for environmental water treatment projects. Manufacturers with technology, project experience, funds and channels will continue to benefit.

In the first step of successful transformation, the company's follow up is expected to accelerate growth: after acquiring Jinshan environmental protection, the company quickly set up an excellent team to expand the environmental protection industry to break the funding constraint of Jinshan's environmental protection development. In the short term, the company announced the proposed acquisition of the ARIMA intervention in the field of EIA, we expect the company will continue in the acquisition of environmental protection industry chain, is expected to follow the growth is expected to accelerate.

Incentives are in place, together to build environmentally friendly upstart. Jinshan environmental protection has become the second largest shareholder of the South pump, bound with the interests of the listed companies. In addition, the company has recently launched the second phase of the employee stock ownership plan, covering a wide range of 44.46 yuan per share, which is expected to bring a good incentive effect.


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